Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stick to the script Pioli

There are systems that are often synonymous with the great franchises in NFL history.  The San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowls with great players, but in my mind great system/coaching as well.  I want to have the consistency other dynasties maintained in their dominance.  Many players changed, but the system remains...the system that comprises of scheme/organization philosophy/coaches.

When the Chiefs opened the season 1-4 that wasn't something I wanted.  The response to the start has by some circled around the idea of firing Romeo and Pioli.  In the big scheme of things I could care less to the start in 2012.  To me...this has and should never be made about winning or losing 5 games in 2012.

With or without a QB this team is not in the position to be a consistent playoff calibre team.  That's what I want from them, and I think we are getting there.  Getting there takes Houston/Poe/Powe/Berry get us there.  This team isn't going to get there by spending money on every free agent with a pulse.  This team will get there with the play/development of the young guys.

As I watched this team start 1-4 to open the year, I begin looking at the future...over a dozen players in key spots in their first 3 years.  Hali in his 3rd year registered 3 sacks on the year...if 3 years was too early on him, I believe it to be too early for the rest of the players.  If I looked out there and didn't see the youth improving, then I would want Pioli fired.  But I do not see that, I see a rapidly developing improved roster.

The worst thing Hunt could do is get in the way of that development.  Changing coaches only gives us more of what we've had in the recent history of the Chiefs...a history I no longer want.  To me it's a history that is changing with Pioli at the helm.  The frustration is real and justified...but I think the general idea of a firing as something positive is off based.

I always watch a game live now with twitter.  Watching it live I always miss the things I want to see with this team.  A defender collapsing a side vs. the run excites me as much as a WR catching a 20 yard pass.  Asomoah's ability to reach 2nd level is something I rewind time after time.  By the 5th game of the year everything besides QB play and secondary play has been the best I've seen in KC in years.

The elephant in the room is we are loosing games because of the Quarterback.  A Quarterback in Matt Cassel that has played his worst football of his career this year.  At this point he's a failure that is costing us games in year 4.  But we can't confuse business with belief in a guy.  Cassel was a bad business transaction, a transaction that partly ended one coaches career...but a transaction Pioli should survive.

Not absolving Pioli's mistakes...but my perspective in general...give me the guy who has gone through some things.  No man alive can ignore the mistake that was Matt Cassel.  Sounds funny, but there is no man alive that I feel is in a better position to draft the next QB.  For Pioli it's his's could wind up being his legacy.  No person has more riding on this person has more at stake.

Personally I feel Pioli has been a good talent evaluator...I question his priorities, but I rarely question the talent.  I will never be a fan of drafting two specialist in the 2nd round when position players are needed.  But I like Arenas/McCluster as talents coming out.  I still remain in the same boat on Baldwin...ridiculous talent but no real fit.  The knock for me isn't with his ability to pick talent, it's in his priorities in acquiring talent.

As a fan I don't want what we have had recently...from Marty, to Gun, to Dick, to Herm, to Haley.  I want something similar to Pittsburgh...from Knoll, to Cowher, to Tomlin.  I don't want this to be a mediocre team that catches lightning in the bottle every 3-4 years.  I want consistency and believe Pioli/Crennel is building sustainable, something that will make us consistent threats.  That type of team takes takes draft classes, those classes developing under a system.  Pulling the plug on Pioli only gives this franchise what it always had.

It sounds bad right now, but Pioli gives us the best chance to build a winner.  To build something we haven't been accustomed to in this city for years.  Sadly for us, it takes time to build it like that...but it is building.  The term progress was used by this organization, and there is progress.  So many areas on this team is better than it has been for years.  Unfortunately we're 1-4, but in my won't be if we stick with the script.


  1. I am a Chiefs fan and I understand what you are saying by wanting consistency and consistency would be great. But where I have trouble with this is the hiring of Romeo Crennel. If they wanted to have consistency for a while, then why hire a coach that is older and closer to retirement than anything. And as far as Pioli goes, he has found some talent for the team yet he has wasted away prime years of that talent by stubbornly sticking with a below average quarterback that is turnover prone. Pioli has made some questionable decisions since being hired by Kansas City and although I would like to see consistency as well, if people are not getting the job done, then they need to be held responsible beginning at the top with the GM.

  2. Think you made excellent points. Think Romeo needs more time than just 5 games to make a decision. Too early to make a declaration in regards to him.