Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who is Alex Smith?

(I wrote this in 15 minutes...I do it for free...sorry in advance for the grammar...not that serious for me)

Who is Alex Smith?

Since 2005 up until a week ago I could care less to answer that question.  He was a QB that San Francisco allowed to be pursued by the Dolphins...who ended up taking Tannehill instead.  He was a QB that took his team to the front door of the Super Bowl, and a back-up to a QB that kicked the door in the next season.

Did you ever really want Alex Smith last year...did Miami...did San Fran?  The answer is no...two teams passed...not for Manning, not for RG3, not for Luck...two teams passed for Tannehill and Kaepernick.  Up until a week badly did you want Alex Smith?

San Fran and Miami worked Smith out, was up close and personal...the Chiefs made this choice at a time when they could have no contact.  Smith was never an Eagle...he was never a Packer...if this choice is that important...get him in a room.

Sure Reid has contacts...but why choose a QB...a QB two teams passed on...without checking it out for yourself?

The stats lie...sure Smith's %'s and rating increased under Harbaugh...but his usage decreased.  The two years under Harbaugh...San Fran ranked 31st in the NFL in pass attempts.  San Fran was defined by defense and the power game.

The thing that bothers me about this situation.  Reid's offense is dependent on the Quarterback to make plays.  Even under Harbaugh...while Smith's rating increased...the TD's, the yardage really didn't.  All indications do not point to an improved QB...points to an improved scheme to mask the QB.

The biggest issue with Smith is the lack of understanding where the numbers come from.  The INT's decreased...the rating rose...but the sacks he took nearly doubled.  This particular change is reflected in the rating...he didn't improve as a passer...he simply stopped making mistakes.

Make no mistake...we didn't get a good QB...we got the same QB by and large that was on the open market that few were clamoring for.  We got a QB that has learned how to not make mistakes, in an offense that didn't ask him to throw much.  That situation has changed...and it's important.

This isn't a brilliant move by Dorsey and's a safe one.  The film has been out for years...there is no re-writing Alex Smith's history.  He's marginally better than we've had, and he's a vet with success...but he's not special.

People act like I'm not supposed to question...but in my heart...this move isn't one I can grip.  I hope it works out, but I think it's a safe move...not the best move for the Kansas City Chiefs.